EasyTreat rewards the assistance dog

A small reward guides the activity of the assistance dog in the right direction and keeps the dog satisfied. The reward encourages the dog and is a clear sign that the job has been done correctly.

Reward the assistance dog at the right moment

A good reward for an assistance dog

A suitable reward for an assistance dog is motivating, but does not take too much attention. Rewarding with treats is often the most practical way to reward an assistance dog. Then the dog can be rewarded at close range in a controlled manner and the dog is quickly ready to continue working again.

Rewarding can be difficult

Due to physical limitations, giving a treat reward to a dog is not always possible or easy enough. It can be difficult to give treats quickly and they may end up in an awkward place.

An easy way to give a reward

Designed especially for service dog users, EasyTreat is a good solution to the reward problem. The machine, designed to be attached to a wheelchair, gives the dog a reward easily and smoothly by pressing one button. The device is a particularly good help for assistance dog users who move independently in a wheelchair.

How does EasyTreat work?

A treat bar is fed into the machine and at the moment of reward, the device cuts off a slice of the appropriate size from the bar, which drops into the tray of the device within reach of the dog. After pressing the button, it only takes seconds for the reward to fall, so rewarding is quick and easy to time correctly.

EasyTreat is attached to the wheelchair

Easytreat can be attached to both electric and manual wheelchair models. A GripRose bracket is installed on the wheelchair, to which the EasyTreat device is pressed. The device is easily removed from the bracket by turning the lever. Fasteners can be attached to several wheelchairs, or to different sides of the chair.

Reward at the press of a button

The device includes a large round wired button, which by pressing the device gives the dog a reward. The button can be attached with a strap to e.g. the armrest or the headrest. A wireless button is available as an accessory.


In EasyTreat, you can use 10-20 cm long and 7-13 mm thick round treat sticks, which you can get from markets and pet stores.

Included in the package

• EasyTreat device
• 2 GripRose mounts
• Wired button
• Charging cable

Technical information:

• Dimensions WxHxD= 125x285x90 ​​mm
• Weight 1.2 kg
• Push button cable length 1 m
• Thickness of the prize bar: 7 – 13 mm
• Length of the prize bar: 10 – 20 cm
• Battery life: 1 – 2 weeks depending on use
• Outer shell material:
POM/impact resistant polystyrene

Download the user manual here.

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